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Laura Ingraham surely stepped into when she attacked that young man for his college admission standings, didn’t she?

I would argue that she has every right to take issue with his stand on gun rights.  I do not agree with her, but so what?  However, his acceptance to this or that institution of higher learning has absolutely NOTHING to do with that discussion.

Those who belittle her for picking on a “child” are wrong, too.  Actually, just as wrong are those who belittle David Hogg and his fellow student activists for being “mere children” and thus unworthy of our attention.  Mr. Hogg is NOT a child.  He is a young adult.  So are they all—all young adults.  They are as capable of making intelligent decisions—and perhaps being wrong and perhaps changing their minds (or not)—as any other rational being.  Indeed, as perhaps Laura Ingraham is.

I find it distressing that so many so-called mature adults—particularly adults in positions of authority, and having power to make decisions—consistently underestimate the intellect and passion and empathy of young people (I beginning to think –hope—their underestimation will have consequences, though).