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I know: it has been eons.

Most of you (probably happily) forgot I existed.  Or that I did so in this format.  Well, I’m back.  And I am sorry to return with rather a case of the dismals (I heard that “So what’s new?!”).

I just got a check for the last quarter’s returns on my ebooks.  The gargantuan sum of $334.01.  Good job I’m not trying to live on that, eh? No wonder Uncle Sam wants to dismiss me as a dilettante. . . .

I keep kicking myself for passing up the opportunity to write a vampire book way back when.  I did read Dracula when I was in high school and enjoyed those delicious shivers of horror—then—but just could not see myself reveling in such gore when my editor suggested such several years ago.  Just think: I might have been lunching with that Meyer woman on some movie set!  Every twice in a while I think “I should have come up with something like Fifty Shades of Grey.”   Anyway, I might have done something like thirty shades of green or red or purple or whatever. . . .  I mean, I can write sex.  Really—I can.  It’s just that I get bored after two or three pages of insert tab A into slot B. . . .

Yes.  I’m feeling envious—not to mention drowning in self-pity.  And I need to get back at chapter 6 of Book 3 of the Once Upon a Bride series. . . .  Sorry I’m not more encouraging to any wannabe writers out there.

On a positive note:  I’m getting $119 back on my income tax.