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In the last few years I have had serious medical care several times—and on both sides of the continent—so I think can speak with some authority on the matter—anecdotally, at least.

a) Yes. Medical care in America is outrageously expensive—as are the drugs that are inevitably part of any medical issue.  As a former employee of the federal government, I have excellent health care coverage—such as members of Congress have.  You know: people like Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell who want to deny ordinary Americans access to the kind of care they get.  The question is: WHY?  Could it possibly have anything to do with the pharmaceutical and insurance contributions to Congressional coffers?

b) In the last year or so, I have been treated by a neurosurgeon who is a native of India, by an orthopedic surgeon who emigrated to America from Pakistan, by a Hispanic doctor who is a physical therapy specialist, and by any number of immigrant nurses and technicians—all of whom have been competent, professional, and truly caring in the way they do their jobs. So there, DT and you other bigots out there!

c) While I admire—immensely—the work of nurses and medical technicians, you could not pay me enough to do the work they do!  From a neighboring bed I’ve heard them abused in loud, offensive language.  They are incredibly kind and understanding in dealing with even the most trivial and often distasteful of chores.

You gotta luv em!

d) Physical therapists are my nominees for heroes of any hour.  Marty and the crew at Carson Physical Therapy in Nevada have periodically put me through their paces, challenging me beyond what I think I can do.  Jaimie, Branden, and Matt at Healthsouth in Sarasota, FL, and now TJ and folks at Physioworks in Venice, FL, have been wonderful!  Optimism and encouragement must be part of the PT version of the Hippocratic Oath!