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In up-coming blogs, I intend to share with you a story that took place in the early 1990s, a story of Americans who extended helping hands to Russians suffering in the aftermath of the collapse of the Soviet Union.

But—PLEASE—let no one misread anything I write here as in any way condoning Russia’s meddling with our 2016 election.  What Vladimir Putin did to put Trump in power was absolutely despicable—not to say “deplorable”!

Moreover, the collusion of the triumvirate of Trump-McConnell-Ryan marks them as traitors not only to the United States as a nation-state, but to the very fabric of American life, for it strikes at our freedom to select our leaders.  What they did/are doing is treasonous—in spirit, if not in fact.  And now they compound their wrongdoing by dragging their feet on the matter of a full-fledged investigation—an investigation in the manner of those probes into Watergate and 9-11, not the weak-willed cover-ups the they are proposing.

Theirs is the behavior of political hacks—NOT of American statesmen.