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MY writing front, that is.

Over a month ago, I finished the manuscript for the first book in what is—so far—to be a three-book series.  Recently I received a phone call from John Scognamiglio, Editorial Director at Kensington, telling me he liked it.

He liked it!

The story is a take-off on Pygmalion/My Fair Lady—but with a twist: my heroine has the Professor Higgins role.  She tries to teach a man she thinks is common dockworker how to become a gentleman.  This first book in the series will be titled My Fair Lord and will be available in ebook format next fall.

The series will be called Once Upon a Bride.  The next two are also take-offs on well–known tales: Sleeping Beauty and Snow White, but with twists.

The heroines of all three of these books are young women who once attended the same girls’ boarding school where they were known as “The Three Hs” (their names are Henrietta, Hero, and Harriet) and were ostracized because they did not subscribe to the shallowest aspects of the society of their peers.

Will there be more?

I hope so.  I shall keep you posted.