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Questions for my Republican friends (yes—believe it or not—I do still have a few!) and other Trump supporters:

Is this really what you had in mind?  Is this what you envisioned for America?

–Putin’s puppet in the White House?

–Our government to be run like the Russian oligarchy, with DT  and his billionaire buddies raking in the spoils?  (Ronald Reagan must be spinning in his grave!)

–The weakening of alliances with other countries by threatening to abandon NATO and attacking other individual nations?

–Ties with neo-Nazis, the KKK, and others of that ilk?

–An administration clogged with rank amateurs in terms of governing experience?

–People in power who are on record as despising specific minority groups?

–Subtle and not-so-subtle threats against folk who refuse to make nice with your man in the WH, who will not become sycophants in praising him or printing only flattering images of him?

Is this really what you thought you were voting for?  If so congratulations.  You got it.  And in the process you have weakened democracy egregiously and you are in the process of reducing this once truly great nation to a satellite of Russia—wittingly or not.  (Again RR must be whirling in his grave!)  I prefer to think it was NOT done wittingly, for I still have hope.

But I have to tell you: it hard to hang onto that hope when we see such things as:

–a racist/misogynist running things in the White House for a President who has already announced that he will be only a part-time resident there;

–an Attorney General with a reputation of suppressing civil rights (wonder how vigorously he will pursue hate crimes?);

–a Secretary of Education who does not believe in public education (the very foundation of democracy!);

–threats against Medicare and Social Security.

Are we entering the “let them eat cake” phase of our republic?