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It’s not as melodramatic as Return of the Native, but I’m back.  Hope you missed me.

Just finished the book that consumed almost MY WHOLE LIFE for the last few months.  I don’t have a title or a publication date yet (those being at the command of my editor), but I will keep you posted . . .

The work was slowed intermittently as I dealt with catastrophes of varying degrees of seriousness. Most serious: I lost two very dear friends this summer to “death’s dateless night” as Shakespeare put in Sonnet 30.  They came from totally separate parts of my life, but I loved them both dearly.  Less seriously: I fell (tripped over my own feet, you might say) and really skinned up one of my knees.  The open sore healed well enough, but the damage to the already arthritic knee is still there.  There should be some consolation in that I now have matching knees, but there isn’t!

Getting’ old is not a whole lot of fun some days!