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Nose-to-grindstoneDear friends,

Even the queen of procrastinators (yours truly) eventually has it all catch up with her!

I am currently working on the first of a three-book series about three young (mid-twenties) women who attended the same girls’ boarding school in their teens.  Although the three come from well-connected families, they are all independent-minded “bluestockings” who operate, not at all unhappily, outside the central circles of society.

Getting the first book off and running has been something of a chore—and remember: I am the queen of procrastinators!  The deadline for the finished first novel is June 30.  (Arrgh!)  I have five chapters written (of a projected 22-25).

Hassles aside, I’m enjoying the work. It is a take-off on the Pygmalion/My Fair Lady story with my heroine taking the Pygmalion/Professor Higgins role.  Set in 1814, it also involves political intrigue around Napoleon’s exile to the island of Elba.  I hope you will like it.

So—I am taking leave of the blogosphere for a while—at least a month—but I shall return!  Hope to reconnect (resume?) with you then.