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Grab BagHerewith is a hodge-podge of items that I find interesting or annoying (mostly the latter). Some are trivial, some not so . . . What do YOU think???

Trump’s campaign slogan “Make America Great Again.” There are those among the electorate who find the phrase arrogant and rather silly. Of course there is always room for improvement, but some of us think America is pretty darn great as is!

Black Lives Matter. Shouldn’t that slogan be “Black Lives Matter TOO”? Those Seattle women who pushed Bernie Sanders off his own stage certainly did not advance their cause. After all, Bernie Sanders has championed equal rights longer than they have lived their lives that “matter.” Does anyone else suspect their own aggrandizement mattered more to them than their cause?

Exaggerated make-up. What is it with the proliferation of false eyelashes on heroines of some TV movies and on some talk show females? Thick, black brushes that I swear make some of them look like they have caterpillars perched on their eyelids.

The ACA. Republican candidates for President to a man—and woman—have come out against the Affordable Care Act which they never refer to as anything but “Obamacare” (in a tone of contempt). They often insist that they do not want to abolish it (despite some fifty votes to attempt just that), but to replace it. Fine. With what? Could we please have specifics on those alternatives that would improve health care for all?

Polls and pollsters. Does anyone really trust those call-in (Twitter, what have you) polls sponsored by talking heads on FOX or MSNBC? On anything? Biased samplings and loaded questions are just the most obvious of their weaknesses.

Bill O’Reilly and Chris Matthews. Both these men are bright, well-educated, and rather personable. And they are equally offensive when they constantly interrupt guests they presumably invited to appear on their shows. They regularly ask questions and before the guest can respond or finish a point, these two interrupt with another question or some comment as to what the answer should be. Talk about rude!

And finally: Why did MSNBC cancel Joy Reid’s show and keep Al Sharpton’s? In prime time yet. Personally, I find Ms. Reid interesting and on target in reporting issues while Sharpton is, more often than not, pushing an agenda.

Oops. One more. Does anyone else of a certain age see parallels in Donald Trump’s campaign style and that of Richard Nixon?

That’s it. For now . . .