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OK. You got me into this social media thing. But I gotta tell you, it is overwhelming.

Overwhelming in its sheer presence. How many such sites are there anyway?! I can’t keep up with even a few. I can’t waste my time with more than one or two.

I like Facebook. Thank you, Sharon Wylie, for introducing me to that entity, and Joan Atkinson, for your continued help with it. However, I use Facebook primarily to promote my writing and to vent on topics of a very general nature.

And I wish others would do the same—or at least limit some of their posts. Certain folks seem to think that bombarding me (that is a generic “me” there) with religious messages will somehow turn me—us—into being more righteous. OK. I get it. I got it the first time. Jesus loves me. So what?!

Many public postings fall into the TMI category—too much information. Or too much inane information. Ex.: “I took a pain pill this morning and puked my guts out.” Really?! Or, a blow-by-blow account of a recent surgery and every single nervous twinge of the recovery. Or, “I made waffles for breakfast and, boy, were they good.”

Don’t get me wrong. I want to hear about my friends’ and relatives’ problems, thoughts, and life milestones, but I prefer that they convey private information in a private format! And I really like those posts that show me something new: an innovative way to peel an avocado; a new technique or gizmo for cleaning this or that; something you found interesting or beautiful or novel during cross-country or foreign travel; or something that did not make the national news, but is nevertheless noteworthy.

I realize that your children and/or your pets are the center of your universe and that Grandma and Aunt Susie find them to be just the cutest things ever. But, frankly, I do not. I think a good many of those cutesy photos (not all, mind you!) would be more appropriate in a more private venue. E-mail, anyone?

On the other hand, perhaps I am merely sharing my ignorance—again. It occurs to me that—for some at least—Facebook and e-mail are absolutely interchangeable. Well, so be it. There is always the “delete” option . . .