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Have I mentioned how grateful I am for and to my friends who have been so incredibly supportive of my writing? These include life-long friends and former students and strangers who, judging by comments and questions, could very well become friends!

Of course there are those who faithfully buy every book I publish! Like Mary and Dottie and Bill and—and—and— I thank them for that—and for their urging their friends to do so as well.

Others read my stuff in draft form and/or listen to me rant as I am dealing with characters who refuse to do what I want them to do. (Don’t these critters—that I created—realize I am in charge?!) In this regard, I cannot laud my colleagues at Lone Mountain Writers enough. They always help me “make it

I am especially grateful also to those like Joan Atkinson, Sharon Wylie, and Lorie Shaefer who seem determined to drag me into the 21st Century, no matter how I kick and scream in protest about new-fangled things in technology. Their patience is incredible.

And I am learning. Truly I am.