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Lady WindermereOne of life’s most profound joys is discovering a book that makes you want to just gobble up all that writer’s work. Such a joy was mine last month.

I discovered the works of Miranda Neville. Never mind that she has, indeed, been around for a while. Her work was new to me.

Miranda Neville writes Regencies and I always feel a special kinship with Regency writers. Though I am rarely moved to jump up and write a fan letter—all right, an e-mail message—on finishing a new book, I was moved to do so by her Lady Windermere’s Lover.

OK. In the interest of full disclosure, I should mention that in this book she employs a plot circumstance that I have now used in two of my own books—The Wagered Wife and my newest, The Memory of Your Kiss. That is: a prolonged separation of hero and heroine and later renewal of their relationship on a rather different basis.

Naturally, the first Neville book I would pick up was No. 3 in a 4-book series! I’ve since read two others and, take it from me, Miranda Neville’s work holds up well. Very well. Her characters are not cardboard cut-outs. Quirky, flawed and sexy, her heroes and heroines are memorable individuals for whom you find yourself rooting. The plots of the three I’ve read so far are only tangentially intertwined—each is very much a stand-alone novel.

Discovering a new eminently likeable writer is a thrill. That that writer delivers readable Regencies is frosting on the cake!